To airports:

International airports but also regional airports need to respond with assistance in case of an aircraft incident. Due to the fact that many have been privatised, airports are also increasingly focusing on cost reduction. In combination with our recovery services, we are offering a very effective and cost reducing aircraft recovery procedures.

Instead of investing huge sums in recovery equipment, we support airports with proposing local procedures and possibilities, in combination with special recovery assistance from third party contractors. This enables airports to deal with accidents more effectively. In our view this has a higher priority with less investment involved.

Our Aircraft Recovery Procedure Manual (ARPM) is customised for each airport and includes a survey into the following areas:

  • Task Team Management of the airport management  company and operations.
  • Relationship with the other involved parties in case of an accident
  • The use of local sources at the airport, and within its vicinity.
  • Availability of specialised recovery companies.
  • Tasks, responsibilities and conditions of assistance in case of an aircraft accident.
  • Airport obstacle cartography, locating obvious and hidden obstacles, which could extend the impact of the incident and the recovery activities.
  • Recommendations

At various airports, our ARPM has proven to be a very useful document in case of accidents, and has limited the impact to a reasonable extent.

To airlines:

BCG Aircraft Recoveries offers ‘Recovery Audits’ to airlines to audit designated airports in the aircraft recovery preparations.
Availability of specialised tooling, together with the availability of local sources, are the main items of the audit, but its content can be modified to suit the customer’s requirements.

Being prepared for the unfortunate event of an accident pays off at the moment it occurs. BCG Aircraft Recoveries uses its own expertise to be prepared in the most efficient way.