Our principal speciality is our aircraft recovery assistance. We answer to requests from airlines, airports or insurance companies in the event of an aircraft incident anywhere in the world.

Our recovery kit is capable to recover aircraft up to A320/B757 series, or bigger aircraft in case of partial undercarriage failure. In some cases our recovery system for a mid-size airliner can be easily stowed in the luggage compartment of these same aircraft, so we can transport our kit in the replacement aircraft. Therefore, we are able to reach a faster operating time than in case a conventional system is been transported in from another destination.

Besides our self-developed low-pressurelift bag system, we operate winching systems transport mats and hoisting systems. Due to our ongoing relationship with major recovery and crane companies, we are specialize in obtaining additional machinery in the vicinity of the airport, which makes us more flexible.

Our recovery team

Our team consist of a group of very experienced aircraft engineers, many of them with over 10 years experience. A large network of local recovery experts easily extends this team, which will be included in the operation when appropriate. According our own procedures with IATA, we frequently organize training classes, to ensure that all our specialist are ready for the job, regardless the aircraft type or the local circumstances involved. We are also familiar with all current recovery systems available, which is of value, in case the involved airport has a recovery system available.


In our effort to respond immediately on any request, we have made all logistic preparations with various airlines at the airports of Amsterdam, Liege, Brussels and Cologne.

Contracting our services

BCG Aircraft Recoveries has no contractual commitments withholding immediate response. Therefore we strictly work on a “First called, First served” basis. We do however recommend to airlines to sign a window-agreement with our company. This will contribute that no valuable time will be lost at the time after an accident occurring.

Our vast knowledge of aircraft structures, together with the 10 year+ experience with crane- and recovery companies, together with a large experience with aircraft incidents, make BCG Aircraft Recoveries the right partner in the unfortunate event of an aircraft incident. Our pride however, is that many of the aircraft we recovered, are back in operation.