BCG Aircraft Recoveries has gained a wide experience in the transport of disabled aircraft, with a number of successful operations, involving various aircraft sizes to and from various locations.

Justification of transporting disabled aircraft often depends on the economical, logistical and time limitation of its feasibility, but practically any transport can be accomplished, either by road, vessel or air transport.

BCG Aircraft Recoveries BV takes care of the full task of the transport and is on-hand at any level of the operation:

  • From the Pre-Transport Analysis, determining the best options in relation to the actual situation and circumstances,
  • all preparations, specialty crates and boxes (which can be built in-house, or subcontracted to local companies) are under our own supervision,
  • disassembly in coordination with experienced repair facilities. (We are in contact with a number of well experiences licensed repair facilities, with experience in the line of business).
  • up to the effective transport with supervision at every stage of the transport up to the delivery.

Due to our marketing and sales activities of our lift bags throughout Europe, we have collaborated and trained with a wide variety of towing, crane and special transport companies. These local resources come into play when transporting aircraft. Also, we are in close contact with a number of Ro-Ro shipping lines, barge operators, yacht transporters, and all other players, which can get involved in sea transport. Furthermore we are in contact with major special air-cargo operators.